Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: Is cooking allowed inside the residential unit?
A: Yes. Each residential unit is self-contained and has a cooking and food preparation area. Tenants have to provide their own appliances and stove. Only SP Services gas is allowed; no cylinder gas is allowed.


2. Q: Do the residential units come with furniture?
A: No. The units are let out unfurnished.


3. Q: Does the rental include utilities (water, electricity, and gas)?
A: No. Tenants may apply for their own utilities supply / account from SP Services. Each unit is separately sub-metered.


4. Q: What types of amenities and facilities are available?
A: All our dormitories have a canteen and minimart. Avery Key Kian Teck and Avery Key Lodge are equipped with indoor gyms. Other facilities include medical clinic, internet room, and barbershop


5. Q: What is the normal tenancy period?
A: 2 years. There is no pre-termination provision in our standard tenancy agreement.


6. Q: Are visitors allowed in the dormitory?
A: The residential area of the dormitory, or living domain, is only accessible to tenants. Tenants may entertain visitors at the canteen, which is within the social domain. This area is open to all. All visitors to the dormitory premises are requested to maintain the cleanliness, peace and decorum of the place. Dormitory management reserves the right to refuse entry to those who create nuisance and mischief.


7. Q: How does one lease a residential unit at the dormitory?
A: Interested parties may submit the application form to the dormitory management. Depending on availability, the management may either inform applicants that they are on the wait list or give them a Letter of Offer to lease residential units(s). Upon acceptance, the dormitory management shall draw up the standard tenancy agreement for the 2 parties.


8. Q: What is the upfront payment required and how is the future payment made?
A: Upon acceptance, the tenant shall be asked to furnish a security deposit equivalent to 2 months rental. The rental for the first month shall also be paid in advance. An interbank GIRO arrangement shall be set up for subsequent rental payments.


9. Q: How do you maintain that the quality of the housing facilities are humane, hygienic, clean, and fair to the inhabitants?
A: As the largest approved and licensed permanent dormitories in Singapore, Avery Key meets and often exceeds facility standards set by government authorities and regulatory agencies in Singapore. This assures the highest level of quality for corporate clients and multinational companies for accommodations for their foreign workers which are clean and secure. Avery Key strictly requires all occupant per unit and per square feet ratios to be equal to or better than government building code or housing standard standards.


10. Q: Who governs the rules and regulation that you must follow for your housing?
A: Avery Key is monitored and routinely supervised by Singapore Civil Defense Force (including Fire Protection & Safety), Singapore Police Force, Jurong Town Council, Building & Construction Authority, Ministry of Manpower, Immigration & Checkpoint Authority, and/or other ministries and official government authorities. Our property management are professional managers who frequently review, inspect, and confirm that the dormitories and facilities are maintained against benchmarks and laws set by the Singapore government; and work with corporate clients to assure their own requirements are understood and comply with Avery Key's rules and regulations.