Avery Key:

Permanent Worker Housing

and Professional Owners


Avery Key is owned and operated by Avery Strategic Investments Pte. Ltd., a Singapore private limited company which if publicly listed on SGX, would be within the top 200 largest companies in Singapore by market capitalization rank.

Avery Strategic Investments Pte. Ltd. acquired three foreign worker dormitories in 2007 from the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), which were operated by JTC since the 1990’s. In 2008-2009 Avery Key developed Avery Key Lodge in Jurong – the first-of-its-kind high-end dormitory in Singapore -- setting the benchmark for worker dormitory living.

The firm’s acquisitions in the dormitory market marked the beginning of its focused strategy to acquire premium permanent properties in Singapore and establish Avery Key as the market leader in the large-scale segment.


Our Expertise



Avery Key is one of the largest professionally operated dormitory facilities in the world and aims to be the industry leader in terms of customer service and professionalism.

Our distinction lies not only in the quality of our properties, but also in our dedication to provide professional and secure facilities for corporate clients.


Our apartment-style facilities were originally designed based on residential specifications of the Housing Development Board (HDB). Each campus maintains 24/7 security, CCTV, biometric controls, and fire and safety compliance and administration in coordination with the Singapore Civil Defense Force

Avery Key is managed to the highest international standards, with a world-class billing and collection system, database security and operates in full compliance with Singapore government guidelines and regulations as well as international laws regarding human welfare and environmental protection. All executives of Avery Key and its affiliates are compliant under the U.S. Federal Corruptions Practices Act.